American Schizophrenia Association (ASA)


Each DAY that passes without a CURE  lets Schizophrenia claim the dreams & functional lives of another 275 children in the USA, that’s 100,000 of our most promising young minds being stolen every year.  It can happen to your own kids, to your nieces and nephews, or cousins, or grandchildren  Thanks for visiting the ASA website. You have entered a place of unusual passion, where the dreams and lives of innocent children are defended & we nurture an eternal flame of hope for all victims of Schizophrenia.  No child should have to grow up with big dreams, only to be denied the chance to make them happen by no fault of their own.  The ASA is a place where we do not know how to bow down to disease, and we’ll work for as long as it takes to break the grip of this devastating disorder that robs individuals & families alike of happy, productive lives.  Please browse our site to learn what the victims of Schizophrenia are up against, and what The ASA is doing about it.  You will be treated to some eye popping facts about the current state of affairs of one of the oldest and most stigmatized illnesses we still have NO CURE for.  And discover why this disease will affect you directly, even when you’ve been lucky enough to escape it yourself.  No child is safe until a CURE is found.