American Schizophrenia Association (ASA)

About Us

The ASA (American Schizophrenia Association), is at the forefront of a fight against one of the most difficult, and frightening diseases known to man or child, Schizophrenia. We put funds into the hands of researchers doing the groundbreaking work  to identify the cause of, and development a CURE for, Schizophrenia.  This work may also lead to breakthroughs in other brain-based illnesses like Alzheimer’s Disease, Depression, or Alcoholism and other addictions.  Because we are conscious beings, there’s no more helpless feeling than to be losing control over our mental capacities without knowing the reason why, or being able to stop it.  Despair is the word that describes the Schizophrenia experience, because there’s no help to be had., no one can ‘fix’ you.  And as if the loss of control over one’s thought and personality is not frightening and frustrating enough, it’s accompanied by the loss of jobs, friends, homes, savings, and pretty much everything that makes life good.  Not so long ago (and in parts of the world today), Schizophrenia was viewed so primitively it was considered demonic possession or witchery.  It was often ‘treated’ by opening holes in the sufferer’s skull, burning them at the stake, or drowning them by submersion.  In addition to victims of this still incurable disease having long been treated with ignorance and brutality, the illness itself has the immense stigmatization associated with ‘insanity’, and it’s victims are socially ostracized while only limited research into a cure was done.  Today in 21st century America we still fight the history of negative stigma associated with Schizophrenia, as we dedicate the attention to a CURE that a humane society demands.  It is in the interest of every single person in the USA to find A CURE IN OUR LIFETIME, so that Schizophrenia and related disorders are banished from modern life.  Only when the suffering that plays out on our streets is eliminated, will our friends, neighbors, and loved ones be safe, and the billions of dollars in embedded budgetary and social costs that accompany this illness cease to be a fact of life.  When the CURE is found, it will herald a new day of human accomplishment & world celebration, and we will weep, laugh, and celebrate from North to South, and East to West.  Join us in the work of reaching this critically important goal.  If you love children, care about America, or feel compassion for those enduring unbearable suffering, you will be eager to learn how you can protect those that you love from a life of misery.  Share what you learn here with others, to amplify awareness of the need to eradicate Schizophrenia .  When we don’t talk about the victims of disease, we’re giving power to that disease and rendering it’s victims invisible.  That will always be unacceptable in America.  Together, we can take a stand against this cruelest of diseases, and refuse to abandon any child to it’s random brutality.   We are not powerless to stop disease from claiming those we love if we talk about it, get angry about it, and then do something about it.  You can be a Hero by helping all of those who can’t help themselves, and standing with us to find A CURE IN OUR LIFETIME.